e-Training Tools
  • Training and Development of the people capital is one of the most important but hard to quantify HR function
  • If it is so easy to show Training ROI, then there will not be any need for extensive training reviews and appraisals that cost a lot in terms of time and salary spent
  • Lifelong learning is now a key mantra for many companies because they recognizes that business and technology are changing so fast that if we do not keep learning the new knowledge that are coming up, we will become obsolete
  • Nonetheless, underpinning all these effort is our core belief that for every individuals to be successful, there are certain core competency to be developed and maintained
  • This is where the e-Training Tools come in – it helps to develop the core competency in every staff, so that they are thoroughly equipped for every good work

Training PAIN for HR


Training cost is usually a big ticket items for HR. This increases whenever you uses expert to conduct the training


Most staff do not proactively embrace learning or take responsibility for their own development. Other priorities and more social activities tend to replace or reduce personal development effort


Finding out what skills to work on and improve and the right course to attend is tedious as there are so many training providers offering almost the same thing


Core skills development are neglected. HR tend to ask staff to go watch some YouTube videos / TedTalks to learn. This is fine but if it is not done in a curated and intentional manner, it will lack the punch you need to develop the person

Training Solutions for HR


Our e-Training product is a Competency Based Assessment and that Training Program that allows a tailored learning approach to every individual staff


We design the basic set of tools to address key critical competencies that every staff should have


Our methodology uses an Assessment to derive every individual unique report. The report is customized according to their competency scores


All assessment cum training modules are automated to make it cost effective and hassle free for HR to administer the program

e-Training Tools

Our e-Training Tools is the way to strengthen all your people

Select from a range of Core Competency Assessment Tools and do the online assessment. The questions are designed to be easy to understand, concise and fast for the trainee to do.

We are able to help you customized your own unique Appraisal Tool using the same framework

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Every Assessment will result in the Trainees receiving a Customized Report tailored according to their scores

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Trainee can then log on to the online resources to read articles and view training videos

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