Strategy is crucial to a business's success

  • Recruitment is one of the most important HR function
  • Research shows that hiring a badly matched candidate will lead to multiple issues at work – some immediately obvious and some hidden from plain sight
  • And many studies have shown that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs the company 6 to 9 months’ salary on average in recruiting and training expenses for a new staff
  • But others state that the cost is even more - that losing a high-earner or executive level employee can cost as much as 2x their annual salary using the “impact on business” calculation

Recruitment PAIN for HR


Cost of hiring is escalating. Posting for jobs and doing background checks are costing companies big time


For well known brand names, every job post will bring in many applications and this makes it really hard for HR to screen and process the application


For most companies, with a small budget, it is hard to do proper screening of candidates. Traditional Screening may not flag issues of concerns


Without the use of other assessment for job and personality fit, the chances of hiring someone of the best match is brutally reduced

Recruitment Solutions for HR


We have built various job portals for companies to post their jobs for free We SEO optimized the various job sites so that people looking for specific jobs will find it and be encouraged to sign up an account on it


By designing job portals for specific job vacancies, it will help HR reach out to the right group of candidates


We designed a Job Applicant Profiling Tool for HR to gather key important info from them that will help HR have a good overview of the candidates before even drilling in to the Resumes itself. The job interview tool helps you to check for “consistency” and “accuracy”


We designed a Personality cum Team Dynamics assessment to help HR understand how the person will fit in – in terms of (1) Job and Personality Fit and (2) New Hire Personality Fit with the Rest of the Team

Recruitment Tools

Our Recruitment Tools will help you hire the best matched candidates that fits all your key requirements

We designed 4 targeted job portals for HR to reach out to the right segment

1. Part Time / Contract Positions
2. Freelance Positions
3. Non Managerial Positions
4. Managers and Senior Management Positions

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We help you do the first layer of screening by Profiling the Applicant. Based on the latest research, we asked critical questions that will reveal more relevant info about the applicant to you

The review of the answers will act as a FIRST Layer of screening to determine if there is a good job to person fit

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The Applicant will also take a Comprehensive 3-in-1 assessment that will give you results in the following areas:

1. Personality Strengths
2. Motivational DNAs
3. Communication Styles

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We designed the “World’s First” NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Job Interview tool that allows you to calibrate when the Candidate is truthful (eg: which question did candidate replied truthfully)

We also crafted a series of questions that allows you to “listen” to the response of the candidate to determine Congruence in Reply

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