• The Journey of a 1,000 miles begin with a single step
  • The New Employee Onboarding / Orientation Program is the pivotal first step to welcome and integrate the staff with the company and its culture and values
  • When done properly, it set the stage for performance goals and expectations setting
  • It also train the staff on what they are expected to do as part of the company wide OD (organization development) initiatives (especially regarding Learning and Documentation)

Onboarding PAIN for HR


It takes time and effort to organize a proper onboarding process. This process will cost in terms of staff time. However, it will cost even more if the new staff is not properly orientated


For Bigger firm, HR may be deployed to do the Onboarding Training. For smaller firms, the person deployed to do the Onboarding Training may not be properly trained to do it well


Some of the managers giving Onboarding training to the staff may just skip some steps or go through the motion for valid reasons like a clash of timing with another business deadline


As Onboarding is not something you do everyday, the staff or managers handling it may not be as familiar with it as they can be. There need to be a way to reduce the friction in the process

Onboarding Solutions for HR


Our Onboarding Checklist will help you be productive in conducting the entire process. As much as possible, we will use technology to engage the new hire and leave a positive first impression


To standardize the quality of the training, we can help you video taped the core training content to ensure consistency and make it seamless for the facilitator to conduct the session


A properly trained new hire will be of greater help to his or her managers. We help you do a link back of the Onboarding process to the performance of the new hire and to the manager’s KPI


We help you to nail down what are the key steps to fulfill during Onboarding and to automate the process as much as possible

Onboarding Tools

Our Onboarding Tools is the way to align all the new hire to the company culture and values and help them to be productive ASAP

We help you create your own unique sets of materials using technology. This covers automated learning using online videos to share key messages. We can help you create fun learning videos that makes the Onboarding process a mini-game for the new hire

We are able to help you customized your own unique Appraisal Tool using the same framework

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Every New Hire needs to know your company culture and expectations for quality of work and other intangible elements. Part of this process includes introducing the new hire to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that he will be measured against as well as signing off against a SOW (Statement of Work)

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The Onboarding process will include orientation briefings and trainings to assimilate the new hire and train them to be productive ASAP. Part of this process will be to form good positive new habits for them from DAY 1

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