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Hire the Right Staff

We take the Guess-Work out of Recruitment by using various tools to help you shortlist the candidate that matches the job and the team personality mix the best

Business Benefits
This Tool will help you to



Develop trait profiles to use in the selection process that help maximize department and company performance by improving the accuracy of candidate selection.


Job Matching

Link identifying job competencies with targeted job profiles.


Team Performance

Identify traits and behaviors of team members and discuss optimal interactions (relationships) to improve individual and team performance.

Lead Better

Help managers identify different motivations and belief systems of their staff members so they can manage to the individual, not the group.

Do Proper Onboarding

Survey shows proper onboarding helps to raise new hire’s productivity almost immediately and reduce staff turnover greatly. It also helps to improve staff engagement and sense of belong.

We help you plan a memorable Orientation program that will welcome the new hire properly. This may include a boss to staff video that will share on what the company culture is. This will ensure alignment to desired values.

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It is important that every HOD share expectations he has for the staff. We will work with you to do the HOD Briefing checklist so that it will ensure all things are covered.

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You have to do proper Goals Setting and Review with the new hire. This will ensure that they are aware of the job tasks and goals they are expected to fulfill and how review will take place.

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We will share with you the Technology that you can use to ensure that all the new hires will be documenting their SOPs and work flow properly as they do their work.

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Onboarding includes orientation and briefing to new staff to help them settle in to the new job faster


We help you do Videos on : Introduction to Company by Boss, to Dept by HOD, to job tasks by managers etc.


We help you compile and automate all the materials needed to do a proper onboarding for your new hire

Train Your People

Deploy a systematic way to train up your staff using our online driven assessment tools and customized training tailored according to the various assessment scores


1 > Take Online Assessment

Fast 10 mins assessment Can do on Mobile Devices Extremely Accurate Best of All : It’s FREE

2 > Read Customized Report

Received your personalized detailed report filled with lots of insights and strategies to improve your productivity

3 > Attend Training

Attend Workshop to learn how to leverage your personality strengths for greater success

Do Proper Appraisal

When done right, appraisal is one of the best way to engage your people and give them tangible feedback on how to improve their performance. This will in turn affect their pay and bonus and the company overall performance.

Competency Appraisal

Competency Appraisal helps you to evaluate fairly how a person is performing at work

360 Feedback

One of our tool allows a staff to be appraised by his colleagues and others working under him


We can help you customize your appraisal forms and systems and automate the process

Staff Engagement

We have designed various tool to help companies engage their staff better in a way that is hassle free and automated.