• Crafting your strategies to grow your business is the next key thing you will need to do on this business excellence journey.
  • Just over 10 years ago, doing strategy is really about doing your Business Plan (BP).
  • Some may call it a Strategic Business Plan (SBP) or an Information Memorandum (Info Memo).
  • The difference really lies in terms of content and the purpose for which it is written.

Strategy Must be Acted on, for Results to Show

Easy to Do

We believe the strategy development process must be easy enough to do for it to be done ! Our no frills One Page Strategy Design Methodology enables all companies, big or small, to be able to do this important task effectively

Easy to Understand

With the One Page Business Plan, we are able to understand at one glance, what we need to do to achieve the business goals. It has measureable KPI and this enable us to track results easily. Action plans are easy to create now

Easy to Track Results

With clarity comes accountability. With a daily huddle to weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly results review, everyone will stay focused on what they need to do to get the results they agreed to during the Action Planning Stage

Process is


One Page Business Plan

We will facilitate a strategy planning session that will result in a One Page Business Plan for you to use to track and monitor your business progress.


Goals Setting

We will work with the team to set goals and KPIs for their department. This will be link to the overall business goal.


Fortnightly Coaching

We will carry out a Team Coaching Session on a Fortnightly basis to specifically deal with problems and issues that need our advice in the course of implementing the strategy.

Monthly Review

We will coach the boss on how to facilitate a Monthly Review session and how to set new goals for the next month.