• When doing a Business Excellence project, the first thing you need to do is to “Start Collecting and Collating Data and Results” as that takes time. Over the years of doing Business Excellence Project, it never amaze me to see consultants and clients making this fundamental mistakes of not doing this step first.
  • They tend to do the “results” last, perhaps because it is usually the last item on the assessment scorecard checklist. Doing this will make you fail so don’t do it.
  • As my mentor Stephen Covey wisely said, always “Do the First Things First” (this is the 2nd habit of highly effective people). If you think about it, doing business is all about results isn’t it? Why do you work so hard? It is to make a living, to aim for a good job that pays well so that you can use the salary you earn to buy what you need isn’t it?
  • So let’s start by doing any Business Excellence Project with this part first.

3 Kinds of Results to Get

Balanced Scorecard Results

Most companies just track financial results. This does not give a balanced view of company performance. For our consultancy, we will help company set up a “Balanced Scorecard” with dimensions critical to the firm itself

Process Results

This is the most important data to collate and compute in our view as every outcome is dependent on the process / or the work you do. It is important to track business process results to ensure we are improving continuously

Personal Results

This is also a neglected part of any PMS – Performance Management System. Most people talk about it but “doing” it is a separate matter. In our program, we help you cascade down the business goals to dept and personal level

We will help you compile your results


Corporate Level Info Review

We will review what kind of info you are already collecting on a business level and will also ascertain what other key business intelligence you need to gather but have no time or resources or know how to do so.


Initiate Business Excellence Data Collection

We will immediately let you use our software to start to collate key data required for Business Excellence / SQC Projects (Singapore Quality Class).


Establish New Data Collection Method

We will work with you to identify what other business data you need to collect and analyze to run your business better and will work with you to map out how to collect these data.

Set up Balance Scorecard

We will help you set up the Balance Scorecard so that you will be collecting the right info to drive the business performance. We will also cascade the goals and KPIs down to Dept levels.