Process Management
  • The chain is only as strong as the weakest link.
  • The company is only as strong as the weakest process.
  • In this phase, we look at how your processes and business systems are set up.
  • We work with you to do a Business Process Improvement (BPI) or Re-engineering (BPR) so that you can Design Your Work Processes from a blank sheet of paper.
  • We will help you set up Process KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that will be measured and tracked as part of the Business Scorecard.

The Business is only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Process Driven Company

We help you plan and organize your company processes around your key customers. By doing a touch point process mapping, you will understand how best to engage them and what tools to use. Staff will also be more engaged

Problem Solving Culture

Another benefit of process driven is a strong culture focused on solving problems. There is clarity on who is responsible to solve various business issues. This reduces the amount of finger pointing and blame game politicking

Process Drives Results

To lose weight, don’t focus on the weight loss. Focus on the things you do to keep fit and eat right and the weight loss will come automatically. The same goes for a process driven company. Focusing on process will bring results



Process Training

We will carry out a training session for your staff to help them understand the various process management terminology and how to do a process map for example.


Process Mapping

We help you identify a Process Owner and team, work with them to map out the process and then set the goals and KPIs for results tracking.


Process Design

We help you apply a Design Thinking process to map out how your processes should work so that work flow is optimized.

Process Improvement

We help you put in place a Process Improvement Methodology so that you can continuously improve things on your own.