• Right after results, we will immediately look at Leadership because a company rise and fall with the level of leadership within the firm itself.
  • We will look at Leadership from the following angles. Of particular importance will be the following 3 points, from which the company will either rise or fall.
  • Mission and purpose – concept of starting with WHY
  • Vision and Business Proposition – concept of Business Canvas Modeling
  • Values – the concept of Culture and Values and its impact on profit
  • In essence, we are saying that if a company leadership can truly understand and master the above 3 points, they will do well and be the leader in the industry

3 Kinds of Leaders to Build

Business Management Leadership

We need to build leaders who are visionary, forward looking & innovative. The Business Leader sets the culture and tone for the company. He coaches and mentors the next layer of leaders to become better leaders.

Supervisory Leadership

We equip and build all Managers and Supervisors / HODs Head of Depts who are adept at leading the people under their charge. In most companies, this group of middle mgmt. people are the most neglected group of leaders

Personal Leadership

We believe everyone is a leader and should exercise effective personal leadership at work and for life. By helping them to grow personally and professionally, the company is investing in the overall business performance

Process is


Culture Alignment Assessment

We will do a culture values assessment using the world renowed Barrett Values Center Culture Assessment to determine your current culture values and projected ideal future culture values to attain. From there, we will map out the gap and action plan on how to close the gaps.


Leadership Personality Profiling

We will do a Leadership Personality Profiling for all your leaders to understand their core personality type, what is their motivational DNAs and their preferred communication style. We will share with you the hidden dynamics at work.


Team Dynamics Assessment

We will carry out a Team Dynamics Assessment for all the staff and do a Corporate Personality Map for you. This will allow you to study and understand how best to lead the various “personalities” at work and in the various departments.

Leadership Competency Map

We will help you map out the Leadership Competency Map to identify what are the leadership skills gap that needs to be closed to improve the way your people lead and coach your people.